Can My Dentist Handle A Cracked Dental Filling?

A cracked filling is not always dramatic; you might not notice it initially. But getting it checked out is essential because even a small crack can bring bigger problems, like decay or tooth sensitivity.

Luckily, your dentist will assess the situation, maybe take a peek with their trusty dental tools or even some X-rays, and then decide on the best action plan. It might involve repairing the crack, replacing the filling, or opting for a stronger material to protect your tooth.

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    Causes of Broken Dental Filling?

    You can break your dental filling due to numerous reasons. The following are the major ones:

    • Wear and Tear: Over time, the constant pressure from chewing and grinding can wear down dental fillings, causing them to crack or break.
    • Trauma: Accidents or injuries to the mouth can cause dental fillings to break. A blow to the face or biting down on something hard can crack or dislodge a filling.
    • Decay: If decay develops around the edges of a filling or underneath it, it can weaken the surrounding tooth structure, resulting in a broken filling.
    • Temperature Changes: Extreme temperature changes, such as consuming very hot or cold foods and beverages, can cause metal fillings to expand and contract, triggering fractures over time.
    • Biting Forces: Excessive force from clenching or grinding the teeth, known as bruxism, can place stress on dental fillings, causing them to crack or break.
    • Poor Fit or Technique: If a filling is not properly placed or has gaps between the filling and the tooth, it may be more prone to breaking or coming loose.
    • Age of the Filling: Dental fillings have a lifespan, and over time, they can degrade or deteriorate, increasing the risk of breakage.
    • Material Failure: Some filling materials can be more prone to breaking than others. For example, certain dental amalgam or composite resin types are less durable and vulnerable to fractures.

    How Long Can You Go with a Chipped Filling?

    The dental filling protects your tooth once the decay is removed. When this filling wears down, it exposes your tooth to bacterial invasion. The tooth decay can progress quickly before you even realize it. Therefore, visit your dentist as soon as possible when a filling falls out or breaks.

    How Does a Dentist Treat a Cracked Filling?

    When you have a broken filling, your dentist can opt for one of the following options. It depends on the extent of breakage.

    • Filling Replacement
      A straightforward solution is to replace the damaged filling with a new one. However, the new filling must be bigger than the existing one. It is required because you remove some tooth structures when you drill out the old filling. The only risk here is that the filling cannot be bigger than a limited size.
    • A Dental Crown
      If your existing filling is already the largest one, a tooth can have. Then, your dentist can opt for a dental crown instead. A dental crown fully protects your tooth, covering the whole structure.

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    Final Word

    A cracked dental filling is a common occurrence among people. However, you must treat it like an urgent matter. Putting it off for later can eliminate the reason it was put there, which is tooth protection.

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