Can You Believe the Root Canal Myths Spread by Mysterious People?

Can You Believe the Root Canal Myths Spread by Mysterious People?

Dec 01, 2020

Root canal myths are a reality, although the people spreading them remain mysterious. The legends are handed down for quite some time and are why most people cringe at the mere mention of root canal treatment. However, is there any substance behind the myths spread around by someone?

Suppose you are recommended root canal in spring, TX, since you may begin searching for a dentist in spring, TX, who can provide all information about the myths and whether you should believe them or not. You are undoubtedly moving in the right direction by seeking input from a dental professional who knows better about root canals than the mysterious people who spread the myths. We have put together a set of questions you may have in your mind to convince you that root canal myths are merely a falsehood and that undergoing the treatment will help preserve your tooth. Continue reading to get the answers you need for the most common myths of root canals.

Popular Myths of Root Canals

Root Canals Are Painful

The perception of painful root canals perhaps began early when the neighborhood power was considered a dentist and provided all treatments like extractions and root canals without anesthesia. The situation has recently changed dramatically with modern anesthetics and the endodontist in spring, TX, who specializes in performing root canal treatments even on children whenever required.

Root Canals Need Multiple Visits to the Dentist

If your tooth has multiple canals, you may require to visit the dentist’s office one or two times. The anatomy of your tooth will determine how fast the specialist can complete the treatment. The area inside your tooth is tiny and cramped, making the visibility of multiple root canals challenging within the tooth. The procedure requires cleaning of the canals and removing the infected and inflamed pulp from within. Therefore in some instances, the treatment requires multiple visits.

Dental Crowns Are Reasons Why Root Canals Become Necessary

There is a belief among people that restorations like crowns are the primary reason root canals become necessary. Fortunately, things are entirely different because crowns do not necessitate the need for root canal treatment. If a tooth restored with a crown needs a root canal, the chances of decay penetrating the tooth from beneath the crown to reach the pulp are the reason for the required treatment. Artificial restorations like dental crowns do not decay and cannot affect your mouth unless you allow plaque build up beneath the crown and allow bacteria to penetrate your tooth.

Root Canals Make You Sick

No credible evidence is available to prove root canals make you sick. However, research conducted has confirmed that if you avoid root canal treatment, you are putting yourself at risk of developing illnesses in different parts of the body, causing more complications than you already have.

Root Canals Are Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have undergone root canal treatment from their dentists to prove the myth is nothing but a tale spread by malicious individuals. Before performing root canal therapy, the dentist takes an x-ray of the tooth to identify the number of canals and the complexity of the treatment. The x-ray is taken from the mouth without aiming radiation at the belly of pregnant women. Radiology also has improved, ensuring minimum radiation is used for women and children. Dentists provide women with protective gear to cover their belly when performing dental x-rays.

The Roots of the Tooth Are Removed during Root Canal Treatments

When performing root canal treatments, the dentist or endodontist removes the pulp from within the tooth without touching the tooth’s roots. It must be understood that the infection or inflammation affects the pulp and not the root. It is therefore left alone by itself by the dental specialists.

Even after Undergoing Root Canal the Tooth Will Fall out Eventually

If you have your tooth restored correctly as suggested by the endodontist in spring, TX, maintain excellent oral hygiene and visit your dentist for six-monthly exams and checkups; your treated tooth can last for a lifetime.

These are questions we believe you may need answers for and could be haunting you because of the advice you receive from your dentist to undergo root canal treatment. You can help yourself and your affected tooth by reading this article comprehensively without looking at the root canal myths flying around, trying to convince you not to undergo the treatment.

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