Can You Eat with Partial Dentures?

If you’re new to wearing partial dentures, eating might feel tricky at first. It takes time to adjust to them. You need to get used to how they feel and remember to clean them every day.

It can be scary to try something new but remember; partials are meant to help you eat better, especially if you have missing teeth. However, “Can you eat with partial dentures?” is a concern we meant to answer in this article.

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    How Hard Is It to Eat with a Partial Denture?

    Eating with fake teeth might feel strange, so sticking to liquid or very soft foods can be more comfortable. Some easy-to-eat foods for people with partial dentures include soup and mashed potatoes.

    How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Eating with Partial Dentures?

    Some folks might get used to their partial dentures in three days, but for others, it might take weeks. How long it takes depends on things like how old you are, your own unique situation, what kind of partial denture you have, if you have used them before, and how many teeth you’re replacing.

    How to Chew with Partial Dentures?

    Listen to what your dentist tells you about wearing and using your partial dentures. These tips will help you get the hang of eating with them.

    • Start Slow
      When you first try eating with your partial dentures, go easy. Begin with small bites of softer foods. It’s helpful to cut your food into tiny pieces and chew slowly. As you get used to your partial dentures, you can gradually add more types of food to your meals.
    • Drink Up
      Having a glass of water while you eat can make chewing and swallowing easier with partial dentures. Drinking water during meals helps keep you hydrated and rinses away any food bits that might stick around.
    • Watch What You Eat
      Avoid very sticky or hard foods when you’re wearing partial dentures. Be cautious with meats, firm fruits, and veggies, as well as candies and gum. It might be wise to steer clear of these foods, especially during the adjustment period.

    Can You Eat Steak with Partial Dentures?

    Absolutely! Just take some precautions to keep your new teeth secure while eating. Cut your steak into small pieces to make chewing easier. Chew your steak well, move it around if needed, and be careful to keep your dentures in place. If you struggle with steak, talk to your dentist about adjusting your partial dentures.

    Foods to Avoid While Wearing Partials?

    Some foods can be tough on artificial teeth, potentially damaging them. Following are some foods to avoid when wearing partial dentures:

    • Nuts: Hard nuts like almonds and peanuts can break artificial teeth.
    • Hard Candy: Avoid biting hard candies to prevent damage to your partial dentures.
    • Foods with Small Bits: Be cautious with foods like popcorn, as they can get stuck and harm artificial teeth.

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    Final Remarks

    What foods can you eat with partial dentures is probably the first thing people consider before getting them. It can take a while to get used to them, however, they should make your life easier.

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