Gummy Smile Treatment: Which Procedures Work

Many people feel unhappy with their smile because of how their teeth look. They might be small, chipped, crooked, yellow, or have gaps between them. Sometimes, it’s not just the teeth that bother people.

If you think you show too much gum when you smile, it’s called a ‘gummy smile.’ There are different reasons why this happens, but the good news is that modern dentistry has a perfect gummy smile treatment waiting for you.

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    Gummy Smile Treatment Choices

    Once your dentist figures out why you have a gummy smile (which could be for more than one reason), they can suggest how to fix it.
    Different treatments are available, and your dentist will choose the best for you based on how much gum shows when you smile, how much you are willing to spend, how complicated the treatment is, how long it will last, and any risks involved. Your treatment choices for a gummy smile are:

    • Orthodontic Treatment
      If your gummy smile is because your teeth are too far out, braces can help. They will push the teeth back into the gums where they should be. Once the teeth and gums are in the right place, you might need other treatments like veneers or crowns to make your teeth look better.
      These treatments will also ensure your top and bottom teeth fit together properly when you bite. So, consider bite alignment a bonus in this procedure.
    • Crown Lengthening
      According to the American Academy of Periodontology, a periodontist is a specialist who removes extra gum tissue to expose more of the tooth and raise the gum line.
      The procedure has two parts: cutting away the extra gum tissue (called gingivectomy) and shaping the jawbone by removing extra bone (called osseous surgery). Whether both parts are needed depends on the amount of extra gum tissue and each patient’s needs.
    • Professional Dental Cleaning
      Sometimes, gums swell because of gum disease or certain medications. To treat the swelling, a dentist can clean your teeth and roots. Also, talk to your doctor about other medicines to prevent soreness in gums.
    • Jaw Surgery
      Sometimes, when the jaw is too big, you can see a lot of gum when you smile (usually more than 7mm), so special Orthognathic surgery might be needed. A special dentist performs this surgery as an orthodontist and a surgeon. They move your whole jawbone up to fix the problem.
    • Lip Repositioning
      If your upper lip moves around too much, surgery done by a mouth or plastic surgeon can help prevent hypermobility. If your lip is too short, another surgery can make it longer. This surgery is trickier because the scar tissue can move when you smile, making the lip shorter again.
    • Muscle Relaxant Injections
      If your gummy smile is caused by too active muscles around your lips, muscle relaxants, also known as anti-wrinkle injections, are the easiest treatment option. When these injections are put in the right spot, the muscle that lifts your lip too high temporarily stops working. The effects of the injections last for about six months.

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    Key Takeaway

    Excessive gingival display not only looks unattractive but also causes issues like inflamed gums, bad breath, and gum disease. To nip the evil in the bud, it is better to seek the right gummy smile treatment with the help of your dentist.

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