How Different Is The Broken Tooth Extraction?

The tooth is the hardest substance in your body, but it is not impossible to fracture or break it. These broken teeth can have sharp edges that hurt your tongue and often become infected. Dentists have various restorative ways to save your broken tooth.

Such as root canals, dental fillings, and crowns, but at times, they all fail. And the matter goes out of hand. That’s why extraction becomes a necessity.

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    What Is Broken Tooth Removal?

    When a tooth is broken vertically into half, it can expose the insides of the tooth. Some fractures run deep, leaving the dental pulp vulnerable to dental infections. Such a crack that reaches below the gum line is impossible to save. Therefore, it is removed to save you from recurring infections.

    Whole Vs. Fractured Tooth Extraction

    Whole tooth extraction requires no incision or particular techniques. A general dentist performs it. This type of extraction deals with removing visible teeth. Fractured tooth extraction can require an incision to access the broken pieces in the roots below the gum line. They are often referred to oral surgeons for safe removal. Their complexity depends on the location and condition of the tooth.

    Broken Tooth Extraction Procedure

    Removal of a broken tooth often requires surgical extraction. It is usually performed to retrieve the remaining fragments of roots below the gum line. The time and complexity of the procedure is based on the following factors:

    • Location of the tooth
    • Length and curvature of the roots
    • The density of the bone around the tooth
    • The patient’s physical health

    Following are some non-surgical methods for broken tooth removal:

    • Piezosurgery
      It is a method where your dental professional uses low-frequency ultrasound vibrations to carefully trim the bone. This brings less harm to the neighboring gums and bones. This method is known for causing less soreness and bleeding. This can also facilitate same-day dental restoration.
    • Forced Orthodontic Eruption
      This technique causes the broken tooth to come out with time. The neighboring teeth are bracketed, applying a light but continuous force on the cracked tooth. This pressure forces the vulnerable tooth to eventually give up and leave its place.
      This method is minimally invasive and keeps maximum bone structure safe. This bone structure is further required for dental restoration placement like dental implants.

    Fractured Tooth Removal Aftercare

    The aftercare routine of a whole and broken tooth extraction can also vary. A whole tooth extraction usually requires no incision or stitches. However, completely extracting a broken tooth may need it. The following are some care guidelines:

    • Refrain from eating and drinking for 2 hours post-extraction.
    • Switch to a soft food diet for several days.
    • You must not brush your teeth for 12 hours. Afterwards, you can avoid the extraction site.
    • Do not dislodge the blood clot as it develops to heal the site.

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    Concluding Thoughts

    Leaving a broken tooth inside your mouth can be tempting if it causes little to no dental issues. However, no dentist will ever advise you to do it. A cracked tooth is harmful to the surrounding teeth and the entire oral health.

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