How Is Dental Crown Replacement Done At The Dental Office?

The natural crown over your teeth, aka enamel, is like a fortress that guards your tooth. When that fortress becomes compromised, bacterial attacks become a daily feat. Your enamel starts to wear and tear and eventually lose its structure. That’s when your dentist suggests a crown replacement.

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    How Much Tooth is Needed for a Crown?

    There needs to be enough healthy tooth structure to support the crown. Dentists usually aim to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. Ideally, there should be sufficient tooth height and width to ensure proper retention of the crown.
    As a rule of thumb, at least 2 millimeters of tooth structure is often recommended for crown placement. This allows for adequate space for the crown material and ensures a sturdy and lasting bond.

    Step-by-Step Dental Crown Procedure

    Steps in crown replacement procedure can vary based on the materials used, the extent of tooth preparation, and individual patient needs. However, the following is a general procedure:

    1. Initial Examination:
      Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination of the tooth that needs a crown. They consider taking X-rays to evaluate the health of the tooth and nearby structure.
    2. Treatment Planning:
      Your dental professional will discuss the treatment options with you, such as the kind of crown material (ceramic, gold, porcelain, etc.), any required tooth preparations, and possible other procedures. Then he can give you a required dose of dental anesthesia.
    3. Tooth Preparation:
      Your dentist will reshape and trim the dimensions of your tooth to ensure that the crown fits perfectly. This requires drilling down the excessive amount of tooth enamel. In some cases, where the tooth is extensively harmed, they will add the required support with the help of extra materials.
    4. Impression Taking:
      Only a specifically designed crown can sit perfectly on a tooth. Therefore, the dentist will take the impression of the drilled-down tooth. Then, it goes to the dental laboratory to craft a customized crown.
    5. Temporary Crown Placement:
      It takes a couple of weeks to get your crown crafted in a dental lab. Till then, your dentist will use a temporary crown to provide coverage and protection to your prepared tooth.
    6. Crown Try-In:
      Once the permanent crown is ready, you can visit your dentist for a try-in. The dentist ensures that the crown fits well, matches your natural tooth color, and feels comfortable.
    7. Permanent Crown Placement:
      Once everything goes smoothly during the try-in, your dentist will cement the permanent crown onto your prepared tooth. The crown is carefully positioned and secured in place.
    8. Bite Adjustment:
      The dentist can examine your bite and make any required changes to ensure that your upper and lower teeth sit upon each other correctly.
    9. Post-Procedure Care:
      Your dentist will provide instructions on caring for your new crown, including oral hygiene practices and any temporary dietary restrictions.

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    Final Word

    A dental crown enhances the appearance of your smile and protects your compromised tooth structure. The crown placement procedure is easy, thanks to dental anesthesia.

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