Crown Lengthening in Spring, Texas

Has your dentist or periodontist recommended that you get a crown lengthening treatment done? You must be wondering what the treatment is and what it involves.

In simple words, crown lengthening involves exposing more of the gum or bone (or both) to expose a tooth. As our qualified dental team at Spring Dental Arts suggests, this is commonly performed as a surgical procedure.

Feel free to discuss crown lengthening procedures, options, and costs with our friendly staff in Spring. We’re always happy to serve you.

When Should You Get Crown Lengthening Done?

At times, the dentist may need to fix a crown, but there may not be enough of the tooth sticking out above the gumline. This situation may arise in many ways.

  • The tooth may have chipped or broken off at the gumline
  • The filling or crown may have fallen out of the tooth and decay may have set in underneath the tooth
  • People who have a gummy smile and feel their teeth are too short may find that a crown lengthening procedure helps improve your smile. In this case, the teeth may be of the correct length, but the problem is that they are covered with gum tissue which is why the smile appears gummy
  • If your tooth is broken or decayed below the gumline, your periodontist may suggest crown lengthening for further restorative or cosmetic treatment

Crown lengthening at Spring Dental Arts can be done on one tooth or to a set of teeth to give the patient a natural, broader, and minimize the ‘gummy’ look. It’s more common for patients to have more gum wrapped around their upper teeth.

This procedure can also be a prerequisite procedure for a restoration, such as a bridge or a crown. The dentist works to reshape the gum tissue and bone so that an adequate amount of tooth is exposed.

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