Dental Bridges in Spring, Texas

Permanent tooth loss is a common problem for adults in the United States and is one that often occurs with stigma or discomfort. To combat this problem, you can visit Spring Dental Arts in Spring, Texas today to get a dental bridge.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is designed to fill the gaps in a patient’s smile with one or more synthetic teeth. These teeth are typically made of tooth-colored composite resin and function like regular ones, allowing patients to chew, eat, and smile with a full mouth. The bridge is typically held in place with abutments or implants, meaning it is connected to your permanent teeth or directly to the jawbone.

Who Can Wear a Bridge?

At Spring Dental Arts, we create bridges for patients of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The key requirement for wearing one is to have preexisting healthy teeth or gums so the appliance can be connected properly. If you are worried your current oral health is not sufficient, then our dentist and staff can create a wellness program and treatment plan to get you to the point where you need to be.

The Benefits

Patients who wear dental bridges stave off serious health problems caused by missing teeth. They are less prone to developing gum disease, have stronger jawbones, and also keep a full smile that aids with supporting the soft tissues of the face. In other words, you can avoid jawbone thinning and facial collapse, which occurs when there are missing teeth.

Besides the physical benefits, patients with bridges also experience more confidence with their smiles. In our society, having missing teeth is often frowned upon. The implication is that the individual practices poor oral hygiene, even though this is not always the case. When a patient has a bridge, they can smile confidently with a full mouth of teeth.

How to Get Treatment

If you are in Spring, Texas and are interested in a dental bridge, set up an appointment today with Spring Dental Arts. Your first appointment will be your consultation. Our dentist can craft a treatment plan to help you get a bridge as soon as possible.

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