Dental Crowns in Spring, Texas

Many people in Spring, Texas are opting for dental crowns to restore teeth, which are either decayed, missing, broken, or worn out. If you’ve always struggled with similar tooth challenges, book your appointment today with Spring Dental Arts. It may not always be easy to keep all your natural teeth intact for the entirety of your life, but the light in the tunnel is that there are available restorations when things go unexpectedly.

Dental crowns, sometimes known as dental caps, are dental restorations that cover the exposed part of a tooth. When cared for properly, crowns can last up to 15 years—this alone makes them one of the best investments you’ll ever make! You can schedule an appointment with a dentist near you for dental crowns in Spring, TX today and improve your smile today.

Who Needs Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns restore the aesthetics and function of teeth that have undergone various types of damage. If any of the statements below rings true for you, book an appointment with our dentist in Spring, Texas:

  • Your tooth is decayed and requires reinforcement after a root canal treatment
  • You have a significantly worn down tooth where most of the enamel is eroded
  • You need an abutment to hold a dental bridge in place
  • Your teeth are severely discolored or misshapen
  • You want to cover a dental implant

Dental Crowns Procedure at Spring Dental Arts

During your appointment at Spring Dental Arts, our dentist will begin your dental crown procedure by performing a dental exam of your teeth. Part of the review entails obtaining sufficient information in the form of dental x-rays to determine whether you’re well suited for dental crowns.

If our dentist detects signs of decay, you may need to get a root canal treatment before going ahead with your crown procedure. Not to worry, though—all our dental treatments are performed in a virtually painless manner. Our dentist’s top priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of all our patients. We offer various anesthesia options, including sleep dentistry, for those who are anxious about getting dental work.

After the preliminary checks, the dentist removes enamel from your tooth to make room for the dental crowns. For this process, local anesthesia will be required to minimize discomfort and pain. The dentist then takes impressions of your teeth and sends these to the dental lab.

The dental lab is, after that, responsible for the manufacture of dental crowns. Dental crowns come in different materials, including porcelain, ceramic, metals such as gold and other alloys, stainless steel, and resin.

During your next appointment, our dentist will cement your crown in place after ascertaining that it’s a perfect fit for your tooth and mouth. And just like that, you’ll go home with a brand new smile! Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Give Spring Dental Arts a call today, and let’s transform your smile using dental crowns. We also offer services in surrounding locations in Gosling pines, Rhodes Landing, and Bridgrstone Lakes.

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