SMART in Spring, TX

Patients can receive safe removal of amalgam fillings or SMART in Spring, TX, at Spring Dental Arts. Dr. Smith is a dentist near you who is SMART certified. We understand that finding a dentist in Spring, TX, who is SMART certified might not be the easiest thing in the world. We’re here to help.

SMART is a technique that helps dentists remove amalgam fillings safely. At Spring Dental Arts, we can help you remove amalgam fillings through SMART near you. Many patients see us because they’re concerned about the presence of mercury in their amalgam fillings and want them removed. Removing these fillings has to be done safely.

Why Is SMART Recommended?

Amalgam fillings contain mercury. This mercury is released over time into the patient’s saliva and blood. It can also form a vapor. Exposure to mercury can be hazardous to health. The risk is higher in pregnant women as mercury can reach the baby from the mother’s bloodstream.

Unfortunately, we can’t just remove amalgam fillings. A set of recommendations have to be followed. The goal of these recommendations is to ensure the safety of the patient and the dentist. Dr. Smith is SMART certified and has performed this procedure multiple times throughout her career.


SMART includes a variety of recommendations. We’ll try to talk about a few of them and summarize the technique. There are details that we won’t be able to get into here, but rest assured that we’ll explain everything to you in the office.

An amalgam separator has to be placed to collect mercury amalgam waste during the procedure. Rooms, where SMART is done, have to include high-volume air filtration systems so mercury vapor can be rapidly removed.

The patient, dentist, and dental staff will need to wear protective gowns. The dentist and dental personnel will also wear non-latex nitrile gloves, face e shields, and respiratory grade masks. Oxygen will be delivered to patients via nasal masks, so they don’t inhale any mercury vapor while we work.

We’ll take steps to keep you comfortable. The procedure will be done efficiently and in as little time as possible.

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