Total Health & Wellness in Spring, TX

You may already know that Spring Dental Arts offers caring, compassionate, and affordable dental care to patients in a family-friendly environment, but did you know that our dentist near you and her team also focus on your total health and wellness when you visit our conveniently located Spring, TX dental clinic?

The Link Between Oral Health and Physical Health

Our dental care team knows that the connection between a patient’s oral health can have a direct link to their physical wellbeing. That’s why our multi-specialty practice focuses on preventive dentistry near you as much as the other restorative and cosmetic procedures we offer.

Research has proven time and again that there is a direct correlation between dental decay and adverse health. For example, bacteria from a patient’s mouth can travel into other parts of their anatomy – such as their respiratory system – and cause systemic health concerns beyond the initial concern of gum disease. Likewise, there’s a direct correlation between dental plaque and diabetes and other health conditions including heart disease.

Our Commitment to a Lifetime of Total Health & Wellness Near You

We know that a lifetime of health and vitality is linked to a lifetime of good oral health practices. That’s why we provide a wide range of dental services from advanced procedures such as veneers and dental implants to routine preventive care such as dental exams and professional teeth cleaning near you.

If it’s been more than six months since you or your family have received a dental exam from a dentist near you, we invite you to get back on track with your commitment to total health and wellness by making an appointment today to receive personalized one-on-one dental treatment in a relaxed, high-tech environment, where education and comprehensive oral care are valued, not just for the smile you display to the world, but for your total health too!

Make an Appointment Now to Reclaim Your Health

Now is a great time to visit our dentist near you to take advantage of our promotion plans that can help jumpstart your goal to achieve total health and wellness. Use our convenient online booking tool to get started.

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