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Your smile is incomplete if one or more of your teeth are missing. Tooth loss causes a host of issues that can disrupt the functional and cosmetic aspects of your oral cavity. At Spring Dental Arts, we provide multiple tooth replacement options, including dental bridges in Spring, TX, to restore your overall oral health. Our certified dentists will evaluate the condition of your remaining teeth, gums, and jawbone to determine which type of bridge will best meet your needs. So if you are concerned about tooth loss and want a permanent solution, contact us at (281) 651-9494 to book an appointment today.

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    What Is The Purpose of A Dental Bridge?

    A dental bridge is an artificial tooth replacement for missing teeth. They are ideal for people who have lost one or more adjacent teeth within the same arch. Unlike conventional partial dentures, which are removable, dental bridges in Spring, TX, offer a fixed solution for missing teeth.

    A bridge has two or more crowns that fuse together to form a single prosthesis. It relies on the support of adjacent healthy teeth or dental implants. If the supporting teeth are damaged or carious, we may perform additional treatments before bridge placement to restore them.

    Who Is A Good Candidate For Bridges?

    When you visit our clinic for tooth replacement options, we will first perform an oral examination to assess your needs. Our Spring, TX, team recommends dental bridges if you have lost one or more teeth in a row. However, we will check the health of the teeth adjacent to the missing space to determine whether they can support a bridge.

    The larger the number of missing teeth, the less secure a bridge will be. For this reason, the health of the supporting teeth is a critical factor when it comes to bridge placement. If we deem that the teeth are not strong enough to support a dental bridge, we may reckon implant treatment to enhance the success rate.

    Dental Bridges

    What To Expect From The Process of Dental Bridges in Spring, TX?

    The dental bridge procedure usually takes two visits at our practice. In the first appointment, we will numb the supportive teeth with a local anesthetic. We will then shape the teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel. It allows to create room for bridge placement without causing any bite irregularities.

    We will take impressions of the prepared teeth, which will be used to create a customized dental bridge. Our team will place a temporary bridge over your teeth during the waiting period. Once the permanent bridge is ready, we will secure it over the supportive teeth and finish the procedure with some minor adjustments.

    How To Take Care Of A Dental Bridge?

    Our dentist in Spring, TX, will provide you with the necessary instructions to clean and maintain dental bridges. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your teeth twice daily. Floss your teeth every day, paying special attention to the area around and beneath the bridge. If you find it difficult to floss with a thread, you can use a water flosser for ease. By maintaining proper oral health, you can prolong the lifespan of your dental bridge.

    What People Say About Us

    Some of happy client sharing their experience with Spring Dental Arts

    This is the best dental office I’ve ever been to, hands down. Everyone is so welcoming and professional. It almost feels like home when I come in for dental work. The team is absolutely amazing and the doctor is outstanding! I love the office as it’s very clean and homey!

    ~ Kayza M.

    I visited Spring Dental Arts for the 1st time today, and was very impressed with their service. Staff is great and very friendly Amber was great, she listened to my concerns and provided great feedback. Looking forward to continue my treatment with SDA.

    ~ Erika Thomas.

    This is the best dentist office I’ve ever been to, hands down. Everyone is so welcoming and professional. It almost feels like home when I come in for dental work. Ms.Amber, Briana and Jess are absolutely amazing and Dr.A is outstanding! I love the office as it’s very clean and homey!

    ~ Kayza Mallet.

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