Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Spring, TX

Wisdom teeth are undoubtedly one of the most common reasons for visiting a dentist. Normally, they erupt around the age of 17 to 22 years. However, in many cases, wisdom teeth remain impacted below the gums or jawbone, causing pain and discomfort. Our skilled dental surgeons at Spring Dental Arts offer safe wisdom tooth extractions in Spring, TX, to retain your oral health. Using effective anesthesia techniques and modern equipment, we can comfortably remove your wisdom teeth without any complications. So if you are planning a wisdom tooth extraction, call us at (281) 651-9494 to schedule an appointment with our dental experts.

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    When Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Become Necessary?

    Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last to appear in the oral cavity. By the time they appear, most teeth have already taken up the space in the jaw, leaving little to no room for their normal eruption. It often results in partial or complete impaction of wisdom teeth.

    Common reasons for which our Spring, TX, dentists may refer wisdom tooth extractions include:

    • Acute or chronic pain in the back of the mouth
    • Half or fully impacted wisdom teeth
    • Overcrowding of other teeth
    • Risk of gum infections and pericoronitis
    • Decayed, broken, or damaged third molars
    • Occlusal disturbance
    • Pain in the jaw that radiates to the neck and other regions
    • Swelling in the oral or facial tissues
    • Tumors or cysts around the wisdom teeth
    Wisdom Tooth Extractions

    What Is The Approach For Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Spring, TX?

    First, our team begins with a detailed consultation during which we perform a clinical and radiological examination to study the defective wisdom teeth. Depending on their position, curvature, number of roots, and other factors, we will decide between simple and surgical approaches. Both procedures are carried out under local anesthesia.

    If the wisdom has fully erupted and is easily accessible, we will opt for simple extraction. In this case, we will loosen the tooth with an elevator. Once it is mobile enough, we will gently pull it out using dental forceps. The last step is to cover the wound with a pressure gauze.

    The procedure for surgical extraction is different, as it requires incision placement to expose the underlying tooth. After incising the gums, we will remove a thin portion of the bone to access the tooth. We may section the tooth for easy removal. Once the tooth has been extracted, our dentist will place sutures to close the incision.

    Question About Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

    Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Most wisdom teeth extractions are surgical, so it takes time to recover afterward. Our Spring, TX, dentists will give detailed instructions after successful wisdom tooth extractions to promote proper healing. Maintain a soft diet for the first few days and avoid eating too hot or spicy things as it may irritate the wound.

    As the extraction site heals, you can gradually shift to a normal diet. Follow proper oral hygiene practices to keep the wound free of infection. Take your medications as prescribed to control post-extraction symptoms. If any complication arises, let our dentists know as soon as possible.

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    This is the best dental office I’ve ever been to, hands down. Everyone is so welcoming and professional. It almost feels like home when I come in for dental work. The team is absolutely amazing and the doctor is outstanding! I love the office as it’s very clean and homey!

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    I visited Spring Dental Arts for the 1st time today, and was very impressed with their service. Staff is great and very friendly Amber was great, she listened to my concerns and provided great feedback. Looking forward to continue my treatment with SDA.

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    This is the best dentist office I’ve ever been to, hands down. Everyone is so welcoming and professional. It almost feels like home when I come in for dental work. Ms.Amber, Briana and Jess are absolutely amazing and Dr.A is outstanding! I love the office as it’s very clean and homey!

    ~ Kayza Mallet.

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    If you have been experiencing pain or tenderness in the back of the jaw, it can be due to impacted third molars. Our dentists perform comfortable wisdom tooth extractions in Spring, TX, to maintain your oral wellbeing. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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