What Are Dentures Made Of

Lots of us have seen dentures in cartoons or movies, where they’re often exaggerated for laughs. Even though those funny depictions are entertaining, you want natural dentures in real life. When we look at modern dentures, we can’t help but wonder: What are dentures made of to function so well? Let’s find out.

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    A Peek into History of Dentures

    People have been using dentures for a really long time. Around 700 BC, folks in northern Italy made dentures using human and animal teeth. In the 1700s, dentures made from ivory, such as from elephants or hippos, were popular. Even George Washington had dentures, and they were top-notch for his time.

    They were made from hippo ivory with a mix of human and animal teeth stuck in. In the 1800s, Claudius Ash made fancy dentures with porcelain teeth on gold plates for rich people. Later, he used hard rubber with porcelain teeth. Luckily, dentures have improved a lot since then. Nowadays, they look great and work almost like real teeth.

    What Material Are Dentures Made of?

    Dentures can be divided into two parts: the pink one, known as a framework, which resembles the gums. And the artificial teeth attached to it. They both are made of the following different materials:

    • The Framework
      Dentures need a solid support structure called a plate, which can be full or partial. This plate can be made from hard acrylic, nylon, flexible plastic, or chrome cobalt metal. First, the dentist takes a mold of your gums, which is used to make a wax model with teeth.
      This model is tested in your mouth to ensure it fits well and looks natural. Acrylic plates are good if you need fake gums because they can be colored to match your natural gums. Metal plates are stronger and less likely to break, especially for partial dentures hidden behind real teeth.

      Knowing the pros and cons of your dentures helps you understand how long they’ll last. Keeping them clean every day is crucial for their lifespan. Take good care of your gums to keep them healthy enough for dentures, using products to prevent gum problems.

    • The Fake Teeth
      Denture teeth can be made from different materials, such as acrylic, chrome, or porcelain. The porcelain used to be the top choice because it looks natural feels like real teeth and lasts a long time. However, porcelain dentures can break easily if dropped and may wear down natural teeth if they rub against them.

      So, they’re better for full dentures than partial ones. Nowadays, denture teeth are often made from acrylic (plastic), nylon, or metal. Acrylic sticks better to the denture and is easier to adjust, but it wears down faster than porcelain. It’s also cheaper and lighter.

      Acrylic teeth might need replacing every five to eight years because they wear out, but they are still stronger than older plastic teeth.

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    Final Word

    Different materials are used for dentures, and a detailed process is followed to ensure they fit well. Picking the right materials and following the process carefully is crucial for making good dentures that work well, giving you a smile you’re happy with.

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