When Do You Need A Root Canal Retreatment?

Sometimes, issues can still exist even after a root canal treatment, such as bacteria sneaking back in or if the filling doesn’t seal properly. So, a root canal retreatment is like giving that tooth another round of cleaning and filling to fix any lingering problems.

It’s like a do-over for your tooth’s nerve, ensuring everything is top-notch and comfortable inside your dental house.

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    Is It Worth Retreating a Root Canal?

    According to the Journal of Endodontics, retreating a root canal has an 83% success rate. It’s usually a good idea to save your natural tooth whenever possible. Even if you have already had a root canal, getting it retreated can make it last many more years, maybe even your whole life.

    New technologies are always being developed, so your dentist might have better methods now that were not available before. They will discuss your options and how likely retreatment will work for you.

    How Many Times Can a Root Canal Be Treated?

    A tooth can have multiple root canal treatments if needed, but it’s hard to predict how well they will work. Even highly seasoned dentists might not always get perfect results. However, research shows root canal treatments usually work well, with 86% and 98% success rates.

    Signs that You Need to Retreat the Root Canal

    Endodontic retreatment is usually performed when a root canal fails to resolve the issue it was supposed to, such as an infection. The following signs can indicate that you need another retreatment soon:

    • Sensitivity in the treated tooth
    • Gum soreness around the tooth
    • Gums discharge
    • Consistent pain months or years after treatment
    • A pimple-like bump on the gums
    • Sinus issues, if the affected tooth is located in the upper jaw
    • Irregularities in your routine X-ray
    • Loose tooth

    Causes of Root Canal Retreatment

    There are a few main reasons that indicate the need for root canal retreatment:

    • Missed or Hard-to-Reach Canals
      Sometimes, your dentist might miss some canals during a root canal because they are tricky to get to. This means those canals don’t get cleaned and filled properly.
    • New Decay
      Even after a successful root canal, your tooth can get new cavities, especially if it’s not sealed well. If these cavities spread to areas missed during the first root canal, you might need another treatment.
    • Damage to Fillings or Crowns
      If your tooth’s crown or filling gets damaged, bacteria can sneak in and cause infection. This means you might need another root canal to fix it.
    • Saliva Sneak-In
      If your tooth is not sealed properly or has cracks, saliva with bacteria can get inside and cause trouble. This can cause inflammation and infection, which triggers the need for another root canal.
    • Delay in Fixing
      If you don’t get a permanent filling or crown right after your root canal, your tooth might get infected again. It’s important to get it fixed ASAP.
    • Root Canal Benefits
      Getting another root canal helps you keep your natural tooth, which is better than getting implants or bridges that require removing your original tooth.

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    Key Remarks

    Your root canal can fail months or years after the procedure, and that’s when you need root canal treatment. However, consult a dentist or endodontist about the pros and cons of getting another root canal. The goal is to have a healthy, working natural tooth for a long time.

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